First Year Portraits – What's Your Favorite?

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Baby’s first year simply flies by, and we know that time waits for no one, but hey, who doesn’t need a reminder every now and again! It’s also the year that sees the biggest changes in a person’s life, from the miraculous bundle that ‘popped’ out – to standing, possibly walking and running and developing a unique personality that sweeps us off our feet from the get-go! 

Baby’s first year’s progress is undoubtedly captured in thousands of photos since the advent of the smartphone camera – fun snapshots to share, show off, and tuck away somewhere in ‘the cloud’ for a rainy day. Then there are the images that make their way into fine albums, folio boxes, and my favorite, beautiful wall art that becomes part of a home’s decor, to be appreciated every day, even as that child grows up far too quickly into a young person, and trust me, if there’s ever a need to quickly grab your most precious items out of a house, you’re going for those portraits first!

So when do you schedule baby’s portrait session? Check out the Babies and Children’s Galleries on this website. There are examples of infant stage, sitting up, standing, and more. Decide (since you have so much time on your hands… jk) what your favorite stage is, and start there. You can always schedule more sessions to add photos to an album or folio box that you’ve started, add to a collage on your wall, or combine multiple photos in one frame as a composite. 

A quick call to the studio will help you sort out what’s best for you. Also, if you’d like to stay in touch to hear about specials throughout the year, just send a quick email from the ‘contact’ page. Enjoy the rest of your summer and be in touch!

Classic Portrait of Baby Girl in Ornate Gold Frame

Portrait Perfection - Baby, pink tutu, tulle, rosesPortrait Perfection - Baby, pink tutu, tulle, rosesQuiet moment captured perfectly with this baby girl in tutu, with tulle, seated in a lovely pink and gold chair, finished with ornate gold frame.

Baby Boy with Blue Teddy Bear and White Frame

baby boy with teddy bear resting in white sheets on bed in white ornate frameBaby boy and teddy bear portraitBeautiful baby boy rests with tiny teddy bear in bed - in vintage ornate white frame.

Children's Portrait Session Composite in White Frame

Portrait Session Composite in White FramePortrait Session Composite in White FrameComposites framed with mat, glass, and white frame are perfect for sessions like this one - lots of fun images to choose.

 Painterly and Timeless Mother and Infant Portrait with Vintage Lace, in Gold Frame

Renaissance-style Mother and Child portrait in gold frameRenaissance-style Mother and ChildClassic and timeless Renaissance-style portrait of a mother and infant, vintage English lace, painterly texture effect, and finished with ornate gold frame.




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