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Long Island Master Photographer and 4-Time Winner of the Top Portrait Photographer in the PPGNY (Greater NY), specializing in baby, children's, family, and dance portrait photography, in-studio and in the garden and cottage on premises.
Young lady dancer poses for a portrait holding chiffon, flower headwreath, cloudy beige background, Long Island, NY.pregnant mom and little sister stand in a soft wooded garden, painterly portrait on Long Island, NY.Mom and baby pose for an elegant portrait, beige and peach colors, Long Island, NY.long-haired dancer stands holding chiffon fabric, 3/4 view, in front of brown and blue canvas backdrops, Long Island portrait studio.Young lady in pink evening gown poses at the door of an ivy-covered English cottage, Long Island, NY.Young man sits casually and poses for a portrait in a retro vintage art studio, Long Island, NY.Artistic Elegance in DanceMom and the Kids ~ About TownSisters ~ The Big Picture in the Studioyoung girl in dance dress stretching let up towards ceiling in flexibility move.Young teen gal poses in front of a vintage tapestry on Long Island, NY.Brothers sitting on a tree and a swing, big brother is holding a football and showing younger brothers, Long Island.long-haired dancer poses with pointe ballet shoes and leans on an old ladder, with flowers and chiffon, studio portrait on Long Island.Mother and Baby Renaissance-style portraitTeen girl in long blue gown stands holding flowers at the ege of woods, pose for portrait on Long Island, portrait on Long Island, chiffon flowing, all in beige and cream, Long Island, NY.Exquisite Bridal PortraitPortrait of Ice Hockey Playersteen girl in long beautiful pink gown standing next to antique bed in a garden, Long Island, NY.long-haired dancer in beige dress with flowing chiffon, beautiful pose in the Long Island portrait studio of June Jacobsen.

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