If Only Leonardo da Vinci Had a Thumb Drive

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Disclosure - I love gorgeous images, printed on gorgeous archival paper or canvas, framed beautifully or in leather albums that I can see, touch, and admire as I walk past them every day in my home, and hand down to those who will outlive me. Happily, my clients do as well.

If only Leonardo da Vinci had a thumb drive - Then Mona (Lisa) could have been spared becoming the subject of the best known, the most visited, the most written about, and the Most Parodied Specimen of Art in the World! Instead she could have been safely tucked away in the remote, dark recesses of a digital breed of imaging, possibly never to see the light of day. Out of sight, out of mind. 

I loved fine images 40 years before the digital camera and print became a viable choice for photographers. Is this just a case of “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? I was also considered ‘late to the digital party’, hanging on to my beloved medium format Mamiya RZ67 and 150SF ‘best lens in the world’ for years past my friends being swept up in digimania. But those made-with-film portraits still grace the walls of my studio, not to be replaced by portraits created in my current Canon cameras, though I show both. 

The portrait artist is in the service business of creating beautiful images that transform into tangible items; wall art, albums, folio boxes. This involves the ‘who when where why and how’ of the portrait session, culminating in the exciting and fun Reveal, when the clients return to view the curated results of their session.

Getting back to Mona for a moment – she could have taken the thumb drive to a local quick print, whipped out a 5x7, went home to her palazzi in Florence and tacked it to a wall. The photo would be printed on cheap paper, not color-corrected, and Leonardo’s reputation would be in jeopardy. Or, perhaps she chose not to have any printed for the time being, and like many folk today, rest secure knowing that the photos would always be there for her to see. Reminds me of a lady I knew who saved hundreds and hundreds of magazines under the stairwell in her garage (probably thousands) because one day she might want a recipe she saw in one of them. 

My studio has been in operation since 1984. Would I still be in business today if my business model from the start was to only deliver negatives, proofs, and digital files to my clients? Never present them with beautiful and properly finished artwork, framed in museum quality frames worthy of display in their homes? I doubt it. It is not a sustainable business model for me. There is a great deal of skill, experience, and mastery, behind the creation of a wonderful portrait. To put the responsibility of seeing this project to the end – in the hand of my client  – would be counterproductive. From the first contact with a client to the joyful delivery of finished artwork (the steps of which I will expound upon in my next blog post), I am pleased to ensure quality control so nothing falls off the beam. Promise!

Ps. All purchased photographs include a digital copy with print release.


Classic Portrait of Mother and Infant in Gold Frame

Renaissance-style Mother and Child portrait in gold frameRenaissance-style Mother and ChildClassic and timeless Renaissance-style portrait of a mother and infant, vintage English lace, painterly texture effect, and finished with ornate gold frame.

Vintage-style portrait of baby boy on tapestry with feathers, butterflies, and silk

vintage-style baby portrait with tapestry, feathers, butterflies, and silkVintage Style Baby PortraitVintage-styled portrait of a baby with feathers, butterflies, and silk, on a tapestry rug.

White framed composite from a toddler session at the Long Island studio of June Jacobsen

Portrait Session Composite in White FramePortrait Session Composite in White FrameComposites framed with mat, glass, and white frame are perfect for sessions like this one - lots of fun images to choose.

Baby portrait framed in white vintage frame - June Jacobsen Portrait - Long Island

smiling baby portrait in white frameSmiling Baby in High KeyWith white sheers as the backdrop and floor covering, the smiling baby portrait is perfect for this fancy white frame.





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