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Enjoy safaris to the amazing Masai Mara Reserve, Amboseli with hundreds of elephants, and the beautiful and earthy Samburu region – all in Kenya, Africa. I traveled over a thousand miles in Kenya by Land Rover between reserves, and experienced more than just wildlife reserves – awesome trip!
'September in Kenya' book coverJune overlooking the Mara PlainsScar, famous lion, and one of the Four Musketeers of the Marsh Pride in the Masai MaraMale CheetahAmboseliLeopard in the MaraMasai GiraffesWildebeest and Zebra on Topi Plains, Masai MaraMale Leopard, Masai MaraServal CatAcacia Sunset, SamburuBeisa Oryx, Buffalo Springs ReserveLion cubs of the Marsh PrideColobus Monkey, Lake Bogoria areaElephants of AmboseliAmboseli watering holeMorani, one of the head males of the Marsh PrideCaracal cat in the Masai Mara

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