Since 1984, June has been photographing children and families on the acre garden at the studio, centrally located on Long Island, New York.
Sisters at the CottageSisters Tea Party at the CottageA Boy at the Cottageyoung girl sitting at an outdoor small table in a field of tall grass and flowers, having a tea party.Little Boy and an Old BikeThe Sunset BallerinaSiblings Portrait PerfectionThree brothers relax at a stone wall in a garden with tall grass, on Long Island, NY.Young girl in vintage lace dress and hat sits on table in a garden in front of an English cottage, Long Island, NY.Brothers relax and look downwards at a stone wall with woods and tall grass behind them, Long Island, NY.young girl sits on a sofa with a teddy bear outdoors with an out-of-focus forest background, Long Island, NY.Young boy walks with vintage wheel barrow and apples in the autumn, Long Island, NY.Three brothers pose on a fallen apple tree for a portrait, Long Island, NY.Young woman relaxes on a stone wall in a green garden, long white skirt, pink top, and a hat, Long Island, NY.Young boy peers through the lace curtains at the Grandma's Cottage, on the premises of June Jacobsen Portrait studio, Long Island, NY.Girl in fancy white dress stands at the door of a cottage, turns around to look at camera, Long Island.Large family portrait with their dogs in the garden, Long Island, NY.boy with baseball and bat sit on stone wall in a garden on Long Island, black and white portrait.boy stands at the cottage door with a baseball and bat, posing for a portrait on Long Island.young man leans against an ivy-covered tree for a portrait in the autumn on Long Island, NY.