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Wildlife in Australia and on Kangaroo Island, including koala, crocodile, kangaroo, wedge-tailed eagle, parrots, Australian Sea Lions, and scenes - Remarkable Rocks, Seal Bay, and Taronga Zoo.
KoalaWedge-tailed Eagle, Raptor Domain, Kangaroo IslandSaltwater Crocodile in Adelaide RiverEclectus Parrot, KurandaKangaroo Island Kangaroo (subspecies of the Western Grey)Koala mom and baby, Kangaroo IslandSeal Bay, Kangaroo IslandRemarkable Rocks, Kangaroo IslandSydney Opera House and HarbourSaltwater Crocodile in Adelaide RiverSouthern coast of Kangaroo IslandCape du Couedic Lighthouse, Kangaroo IslandWallaby mom and baby, KurandaWallaby baby in mom's pouch, KurandaSun Conure, Kuranda BirdworldKoalaCassowary - Kuranda BirdworldAustralian Sea Lions at Seal Bay, Kangaroo IslandKookaburraGiraffe - Taronga Zoo, Sydney

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