Private Camera and Photography Lessons

Schedule time with June to learn how to really use your camera, and level up your photographs, whether you’re simply sharing your photos with family and friends on social media, printing out your photos (of which clearly June is a big fan!), or thinking of starting your own photography business!

The Basics ~ Start with a two-hour session ($110, and share with a friend if you like), at whatever point you are at, whether new to a digital camera (not smartphone), learning the basic settings, or at any level up to The Art of Portraiture (June is a Master of Photography (PPA) and the 4-time winner of the Top Portrait Photographer in the PPGNY - Professional Photographers of Greater New York).

A few ideas ~

  • Learn your camera settings and have more control over the final results of your photos, not just what your camera feels like producing, as when it is set on AUTO.
  • Photographers paint with light. We all have windows and we all have the great outdoors. Learn how to find the best light in both instances to make beautiful images ~ without flash or any complicated lights.
  • You don’t have to be a professional portrait photographer in order to greatly improve the photos you take of your children or grandchildren.
  • Snapshots don’t have to be devoid of good and proper Composition. Learn the rules and soon they will become second nature to how you shoot anything, from the flowers in your garden, your pets, children, or a sunset.
  • Thinking of setting up a shooting area in your home? Get the basics and learn how to do it at different spending levels.
  • Travel and Wildlife ~ When you know your camera and have learned lighting and composition basics, it’s amazing how much more you will enjoy shooting photos when you travel!  And if wildlife is in your sights, learn techniques that will increase your collection of Keepers from an outing. (June won a National Geographic Photo Contest and a trip to Galapagos Islands for two, a $16,000 prize.)

Lessons are at June Jacobsen Portrait Studio in Patchogue, Long Island, NY.  Please call (631) 869-7333 or email with any questions or concerns you may have.  

All of the photos in the following composites were created either with window light or in the great outdoors.


(631) 869-7333 for information