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Wildlife of Borneo, Malaysia: orangutan, proboscis monkey, sun bear, macaques, birds, insects, lizards, snakes, frogs, and more.

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Kinabatangan RiverProboscis family along riverMale orangutan - Danum Valley (wild)Male orangutanSun Bears, smallest bear speciesViewpoint Hike near Borneo Rainforest LodgeKinabatangan River SunriseSun Bear, smallest bear species in worldOrangutan mom and baby, SepilokOrangutan mom and baby, SepilokOrangutan mom and baby, SepilokMale Proboscis monkeyProboscis monkey familyBlue-eared KingfisherLantern BugAnglehead LizardGrey-tailed Yellow Racer snakePit ViperHarlequin Tree FrogRhinoceros Hornbill

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