Christmas and Holiday Portraits on Long Island - What's Your Style?

November 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Five weeks to Christmas…Yikes! Time flies when we’re having fun, eh? Well, there are always the lively and whimsical ‘celebrating-the-season-holiday-card’ portrait sessions to look forward to! Choosing outfits, festive props, in-studio or outdoors, only-for-cards or classic keepsake portraits, and last but not least (smile), your photographer! Whew… I’m exhausted, lol!

Quick question… are you planning on using your photos for holiday cards and perhaps a few small gift prints? or are you making the most of your time and effort and planning on using the images as part of your family legacy portraits to tell your story in classic portrait art? A bit of careful planning with your photographer can make the difference, and with minor adjustments, produce both looks for you. 

Since 1984, the concept here at June Jacobsen Portrait has been to “create portraits with the essence of a painting and the reality of a photograph”. With a few changes during a session, we can create a fabulous Christmas or holiday greeting image for you to use for cards and gifts, while the main purpose of the session is to produce images that are perfect for wall art, custom albums, and handsome folio boxes.

Be in touch with any questions you may have, and please check out other blog posts on this website for more info on various aspects of the portrait studio.

Ps. Outdoor portraits here at the studio will be scheduled all fall as long as the weather holds out and isn’t too chilly! Check out the ‘Garden’ and ‘Families’ Galleries on this site for views of the garden.

Cheers, and Happy Holidays!






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