My Fave Things to Shoot and Why I Travel

July 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Aside from snapshots of family, friends, pets, and parties, photography enthusiasts often start out with things like flowers, bees, and butterflies; pretty things that make pretty pictures, and, of course, sunsets. In time they find themselves drawn to specific genres, subjects, and fields of photography. Having been an avid photographer for over 50 years, it’s no secret that my favorite genres and subjects have been portraits, wildlife, and nature; and my favorite portrait subjects? my children and grandchildren of course.

I pretty much stay put for the portrait genre, having a studio and garden here on Long Island, with occasional location work these days, but wildlife and nature necessitates travel, a sport I’ve embraced since a child. At seven, I boarded the MS Oslofjord ship with my mom and two siblings to cross the Atlantic to live in Norway for a school year. The thought of being on the ocean for a week was exciting enough, even at that age, but when I saw my cabin and bunkbed and it became real, I was hooked.

School years involved odds and ends of minor travel, but after my junior year in high school my parents put me on a plane to Norway by myself to spend the summer with family. I traveled within Norway alone to visit relatives from both sides of the family, and throughout Europe to several countries with family. Sadly, but not surprisingly, I did not have a camera with me; so-so consumer cameras in the 1960s, film, processing, airport screening machines, 9 weeks abroad; bringing a camera apparently didn’t make sense to my parents, and I think we relied on getting photo copies from family members…or something.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve traveled to all 7 Continents with the deliberate goal of photographing wildlife, from polar bears in the High Arctic, to penguins in Antarctica, and many species in between. Highlights include the ultimate wildlife experience of African safari and the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania, tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, searching for wild orangutan in Borneo, standing on an Alaskan bay watching a brown bear mom and her cubs, seeing many polar bears in Svalbard, diving with bull sharks in Fiji, and the wild experience of swimming with humpback whales in open ocean in the South Pacific. Too many to single out actually, as every trip is special, with its own highlights. Travel has become laborious (I’m being generous) of late, but with a bit of careful planning and managing flyer miles and points (aka Travel Hacking), it’s not a great price to pay for amazing experiences all over this world.

Now I’m excited to share collections of photographs from my travel for purchase. Artistic images of your favorite animals, nature and landscapes, or silky impressions of surf and sand… all make for beautiful wall decor for home and work spaces. I’ll follow up with a blog post on the various styles and finishes to help you choose the perfect piece for your home.

Don’t forget to check out the many Wildlife and Nature galleries under the home page menu – for many more images that may be added to the Shop Galleries; just be in touch for info!




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