More Portraits and Snapshots - Happy Birthday Sweet 16!

May 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

My previous post highlighted both portraits and snapshots created across 13 years of my beautiful granddaughter. This weekend my grandson turned the big 16! Time flies, and speeds up as we get older. It's true. 

As a lover of fine images (in general), the finest images that I have created over my 50-plus years of cradling cameras in my hands are those of my children and grandchildren. They may never grasp the passion with which I go about the plan and design of each session – that's okay – I just wish for them to enjoy the portraits. Having had an affection and devotion for creating beautiful and evocative images of people, and that being the focus of my lifework, is an incredible blessing. As they say, no words (almost). 

Happy Birthday, Dear Eldon, I love you. 



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