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All about portraits, and you! Here at the studio in Patchogue, in our wonderful garden, on location if you prefer, with a pet, even your horse, be in touch to plan your own special and unique Portrait Session!

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Happy Father's Day!

June 21, 2020
My dad's been gone from the earth for a number of years now, and wow! am I glad I was a camera bug w-a-y back when! And very glad the normal action was to have prints mad...
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Outdoor Communion Portraits

June 17, 2020
Let's catch up on some unfinished business! The weather is beautiful. The outdoor garden here on the premises of June Jacobsen Portrait photography studio on Long Island...
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About Outdoor Portrait Light

June 15, 2020
Whether you’re shooting for a portrait or casual snapshot, the most flattering light outdoors is soft, diffused, late afternoon light, often called Sweet Light, or the Go...
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Wide Space? or Nooks and Crannies

June 10, 2020
Gorgeous weather now for outdoor portraits, and FYI I only do ONE portrait session outdoors on any given day, i.e. to give you the best LIGHT! Tonite I didn't wait for th...
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Need a Little Riding Again!

June 09, 2020
No need to talk about trying times! But I AM looking forward to getting on a horse again! I can do that on Long Island (we have a great many horses, ranches, and farms he...
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